Matthias Grossglauser
Image credit: Fotografie Stampfli

Matthias Grossglauser

Information and Network Dynamics group (INDY)
School of Computer and Communication Sciences (I&C)


Prof. Matthias Grossglauser
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne
Office: INF 015
Phone: +41 21 693 8116
Assistant: +41 21 693 2623
Email: (please take a quick look at this before you send me email)

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  • My publications are available here.

Project Demonstrators


  • Interactive search: find the face of a target person through comparisons:
  • Sports: match outcome prediction for European soccer:
  • Political: vote prediction for Swiss plebiscites:
  • Climate: test your knowledge of carbon footprints:



Professional Activities

Email - A Plea for Mercy...

  • Like most people, I am struggling to keep up with my email. Here are a few rules that help me handle common requests more efficiently:

    EPFL student seeking project The list of student projects at all levels (semester, diploma, and pre-doctoral school) can be found here. If you write to inquire about a project, please include your resume with your grades.
    External student seeking summer internship My lab does not provide summer internships directly to external students. However, our School has programs for such internships, such as Summer@IC. Please apply to these programs directly, as I am unable to respond to personal requests for internships. Thank you!
    Graduate student seeking Ph.D. position Thank you for your interest in my research and in our Ph. D. program. Please note that graduate admissions at our school are centralized. Kindly consult the following pages for more information on the doctoral program in Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences.
    Review request Like most of us, I receive requests to review papers at a much higher rate than I can possibly handle. As a selection criterion, I tend to accept reviews of papers that fall into my areas of expertise, and from journals and conferences that do not seek to extract excessive financial profit from the work that authors and reviewers provide for free to the scientific community.